Gigs & Fests Plan 2015

Summer festivals 2016:

Fekal Party - Praha, CZ - August
Rebellion Punk Fest - Blackpool, UK - August
Obscene Extreme Festival 2016, Trutnov, CZ - July

Also under consideration:

DEATH COFFEE PARTY 4 - August - Litomerice, CZ
CHIMPYFEST V / 12-14 August 2016 - London, UK
D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Fest vol. 12 - July - Gdynia, PL 

Rebellion Punk Fest 2010

Published on March 26, 2012

  Provizorní fotogalerie - Provisional gallery  (5.-8.8.2010)

Day 1: No Thrills, The Kirkz, Rebel City Radio, ICH, Dangers Close, Geoffrey Oicott, 3 CR, Charred Hearts, Pete Bentham, Dead Class, The Restarts, Picture Frame Seduction, Menace, Splodgenessabounds, The Lurkers, Section 5

Day 2: Moral Dilemma, Radio Dead Ones, Dirty Revolution, The Blame, Dipsomaniacs Crashed Out, Penny Rimbaud, Steve Ignorant, John Robb, Sensa Yuma, Broken Bones, Blood or Whiskey, The Grit, Varukers, Channel 3, Cockney Rejects, Stiff Little Fingers

Day 3: Star Fucking Hipsters, 999, the Blaggers, Civet, The Defects, Fire Exit, JB Conspiracy, Discharge, New York Dolls, GBH, Drongos for Europe, Paranoid Visions

Day 4: Citizen Fish, Fucked Up, Agnostic Front, Control, Cro-Mags, Gallows, Funeral Dress, Stza Crack - accoust., Subhumans


Stza Crack - accoustic

Festival report published in Spark magazine 11/2010 and a "intro" in 9/2010 (in Czech).

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