Gigs & Fests Plan 2015

Summer festivals 2016:

Fekal Party - Praha, CZ - August
Rebellion Punk Fest - Blackpool, UK - August
Obscene Extreme Festival 2016, Trutnov, CZ - July

Also under consideration:

DEATH COFFEE PARTY 4 - August - Litomerice, CZ
CHIMPYFEST V / 12-14 August 2016 - London, UK
D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Fest vol. 12 - July - Gdynia, PL 


Published on October 22, 2013

Rebellion punk festival - Blackpool, 8. - 11.8.2013

Menší Fotogalerie na sparkovském webu - sample photogalleries at Spark magazine website:

Day 1 - 8.8.2013 - galleries
Day 2 - 9.8.2013 - galleries
Day 3 - 10.8.2013 - galleries
Day 4 - 11.8.2013 - galleries

Parallel events - DIY Fringe Fest + The Tache  - galleries 

Focené kapely / bands shot:

Day 1: Casual Nausea, Big Magnets, Loaded 44, Dipsomaniacs, 16 Guns, Counting Coins, Copasetics, Monkish, Biteback, Crackshot, The Prowlers, The Talks, Fire Exit, Sick On The Bus, The Straps, Argy Bargy, Leftover Crack, Neville Staple Band, New Model Army, One Way System.
Day 2: Wasted Life, Skurvi, Argies, RSI, Drones, Lize Is Evil, Dun2Def, The Duel, Petr and the Test Tube Babies, Radio Dead Ones, The Casualties, Paranoid Visions with Steve Ignorant, Subhumans, The Restarts, Evacuate, The Adicts, The Exploited.
Day 3: Decadent Few, Andy T, Astronauts, The Lee Harveys, Control, Anthrax, Lost Cherries, Hagar The Womb, Offenders, Citizen Fish, Paranoid Visions, Reazione, Hardskin, The Outcasts, The Varukers.
Day 4: Choking Susan, Fucked Up, The Bronx, Drongos For Europe, GBH, Jello Biafra + GSM, Discharge.
The Tache: Cryo-Genics, The Vile, The Fiend
DIY Fringe: 9 Bullets, Total Bloody Chaos, Wasted Life, The System.

The Fiend - The Tache 2013 

Festivals to go to: