Rebellion Punk Fest 2007

Blackpool (9 – 12 August 2007)

Day 1

Stuntface, Play Daisy, Middle Finger Salute, Scrub, Wild Youth, Choking Susan, Guns on the Roof, Dirty Love, Restarts, On Trial, Demob, Last Resort

Day 2

Booze Boys, Ghouls, Dead Class, Holy Racket, Pink Hearse, Klasse Kriminale, Section 5, Texas Terri Bomb, Argy Bargy, Vice Squad, Blood or Whiskey, Pama Int., Subhumans, Anti Nowhere League

Day 3

External Menace, Sick 56, Eastend Badoes, No Choice, 999, Church of Confidence, Newtown Neurotics, Time Again, Ari Up, Intro5pect, Funeral Dress, Lurkers, Leftover Crack, Conflict, Cockney Rejects

Day 4

Burn Subvert Destroy, Moral Dilemma, Picture Frame Seduction, Riot Squad, Chemical Kaos, Drongos for Europe, UK SUBS, Abrasive Wheels, Varukers, The Wall, English Dogs